We are totally dependent from donations and not receive any funding from governments or big enterprises.

Our small team is the guarantee that even the smallest contributions run their course.

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We need all your heart:

Parelon is an international nonprofit organization that works to provide that the citizens ‘voice is heard, and is a decisive factor in decisions relating to’ administration of public affairs.

What we do works, in test platform were discussed and brought to a vote several bills that are now under discussion, or have been approved in some public administration.

Parelon is at 70% of its development, what are we missing?

  1. Integrating ‘editor FILE, essential for the management and document conversion, simplifies the’ inclusion of the proposals and amendments.
  2. Terminate the development of the technical commissions
  3. Realize the mobile interface (today Parelon is accessible only by tablet and desktop)
  4. Create apps for news on new proposals, votes and amendments
  5. Create simplified procedures to promote a user certification