Organization chart:

Team alfa

Development of Parelon, a fork of open source project named Liquid Feedback:
The team’s goal was to completely redesign the’ user interface to make it accessible and easy to use, trying to focus on those users who have limited computer literacy.
In addition, the ‘interface has been especially designed for touch devices, much more intuitive and easy to use, with very large buttons, clear instructions, error messages non-invasive, to make the’ pleasant and responsive user experience.
We have implemented new features, such as technical committees that will have the task of giving an opinion on technical feasibility and financial backing to the projects from time to time presented and voted upon by the citizens.


  • Vincenzo abate Team leader
  • Alessandro Piano Lua e DB
  • Andrea Panella Css ed html5
Team Beta


Parelon provides for the ‘implementation of standard formats that the government will have to adopt mandatory:


  1. XBRL (XML, editable by software)
  2. iXBRL (XHTML, readable as a web page)
  3. XBRL-JSON (JSON XBRL Open Information Model, lightweight format for client-server queries)

XBRL has been adopted to ensure:
usability and movement of financial data, so that they are immediately readable and usable by all parties who have an interest;
significant advantages in terms of practical streamlining and automation of industrial processes.

Akoma Ntoso XML Level 5

Standard international and European OASIS

Akoma Ntoso (“linked hearts” in the Akan language of West Africa) defines a set of simple technology-neutral electronic representations in XML format of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents.

The XML schemas of Akoma Ntoso make explicit the structure and semantic components of the digital documents so as to support the creation of high value information services that deliver the power of ICTs and increase efficiency and accountability in parliamentary, legislative and judiciary contexts.

In collaboration with the ‘Universities of Bologna and of the European Parliament’s development team, we are developing the’ interface frontend for ‘LIME editor (data converter) and AT4AM (editor and management of amendments), of course in this case the focus is concentrated mainly in making usable and accessible l ‘interface for the creation of laws, in Akoma Ntoso standards.

That alone makes Parelon a versatile and universal tool that can be used all over the planet, making shared the documents in an open format, universal and easily searchable.

The team:

  • Vincenzo Abate
  • Teresa Curinga
  • Alessandro Piano
  • Andrea Panella
Team Gamma

The team deals with issues related to data security, and developed tools for the encryption token.
The question of security an autentication of online user is one of the most important question on the internet.

Generally the ‘governmental administration should equip citizens with digital tools for the’ identification, reliable secure, transparent and in line with current regulations guarantee of privacy.

Parelon has experienced and uses a double authentication system, or to provide a physical security token that generates a random password to time, making it unnecessary to stealing passwords from keyloggers and ensuring the identity of the person in possession of the security token.

To avoid the risk of tampering via man-in-the-middle or via browser (Trojans ways cano fi page making it seem to have voted YES while the Trojans sent NO) the marks database and users must be open to the mirrored by of all.
In this way the fi le with the votes can be counted independently outside of the browser is by users on their PC, either from independent sites.

We did a great job getting to the result A + on the standard and safety of outperforming benchmark all Italian banks in this.

The team:

  • Marco di Carlo
  • Teresa Curinga
  • Alessandro Piano
  • Vincenzo Abate
  • Federico Munerotto
Team Delta

And ‘the creative team of the group, is responsible for processing of marketing and communication campaigns, produces the portal, video, music, tutorial, merchandising and coordinated graphics:
The group is open to all who want to contribute voluntarily to the development ofa culture of direct democracy, in Italy and in the world, this is a group with ideas, thoughts, videos, tutorials, and any other creative method, promotes and spreads Parelon project.
We are producing a large amount of communications equipment, coordinated graphics, merchandise, music, videos, in order to reach the greatest number of people the message of direct democracy.
the team has a big turnover in the components but I believe we should appoint those who actively collaborated during these years of work:

  • Marco Micheli ( team leader)
  • Andrea Panella ( Seo e webmarketing)
  • Chiara Mancinelli (Graphics e social managment)
  • Gabriele Casagrande (Graphics)
  • Fabrizio Pistillo (grafica ed animazione)
  • Emiliano Pala (Grafica ed Animazione)
  • Davide Severi (compositore musicale e videomaker)
  • Roberto Carotenuto (operatore video tv)
  • Umberto Panella ( Rapper )
  • Adele Castellaccio (traduzioni)
  • Francesco Tilli (traduzioni)
  • Sergio Enrichello (traduzioni)