1: Membership, certification and synchronizing physical token

1: Register

To register, you must send data via the form below.

If you choose the ‘option: the “official version” you have to proceed to step two.

For the demo version will arrive you an email with the necessary instructions.

To register to the official version, you must purchase at a cost of €. 5.10 plus shipping costs, the token for two-factor authentication.


[ninja_forms id=1]
2: Reserve identification

To identify the user is required to reserve online authentication in the form below, via webcam with Skype or hangout.

Cosa serve?

  • a good connection,
  • a cam,
  • headphone and microphone,
  • a valid proof of identity (to show and then send as picture),

Instructions given days and times available, you will be sent by email.

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3: Receipt and activation token (Video)
After performing the steps one and two, arrival by mail, a postal package with the key with serial sync with your identity.




You have to synchronize token with the authentication server.

Watch the video and then go here:

Synchronize the token

You want to try it now Parelon?

You can try immediately Parelon, enter the login screen that appears:

User: parelondemo – Password: parelondemo


Know Parelon


Using Parelon:

Brief and practical tutorial to use and participate in direct democracy game.