Check Authentication

You finally reach this point but the course of democracy will be long and full of obstacles….Don’t give up and stay active! codice invito

Then go on the button “Proceed with the registration” and you screen appears to confirm insertion and access personal information, confirm your email address, enter a public name is what other users will see on your suggestions or votes that do , and enter a username that you will need to enter your area.

Then back to “proceed with the registration” will screen appears where you need to create your personal password, I recommend you remember your username and password.

Access and edit profile

How to do the Log in with your Data Access:


Firstly you need to enter into your profile clicking on the orange button on the top-right of the page. From there you will be able to manage any type of information that you should keep uploading for a matter of trasparency and to facilitate the general use of Parelon.


Click on “Personal Profile”: you will be able to manage your personal information adding or changing information.


Then go back and upload an avatar/photo: it is very important to have your ID PHOTO or maybe an image that you would like to share.


Setting notifications

For the moment do not press any other button.

You will be free to surf the website but before follow my instructions.

Click again the top-right orange button where you previously added your profile photo and go to “settings”.

Then click on “Notification Settings”: you will be able to keep up-to-date about the debates you have chosen and the motions you support.


You will find many settings: I advise you to choose all of them.


Areas of interest choice

Your profile setting is now ready but you still have to find the thematic fields (called AREAS) you are interested in.
Go back to the Home Page clicking on the top-left icon “Parelon”

Now you will have to toggle in the Home Page both the public and private assembly options.

Click on “Public assembly”.

Click on “Read” and then “All Areas”.


Choose your “Areas of interest” clicking on the orange button. Remember that you will be always able to retract your choice.

Now you are finally ready to use Parelon, share your opinions and HELP US!

You want to try it now Parelon?

You can try immediately Parelon, enter the login screen that appears:

User: parelondemo – Password: parelondemo


Know Parelon


Using Parelon:

Brief and practical tutorial to use and participate in direct democracy game.